Crypto Investments Group

Creators of VoteCastle secure electronic voting system for iVoting.

  • Bitcoin, Blockchain
  • Software development (C/C++ and others)
  • Encryption
  • System and services installation and administration
  • Security audits and pentests
Phone: +48 662 052 233
BTC sign address (don't send anything!) 1PE84XYz7kSGb8AkmfvjMbE537pmCzSuTX

We offer various hosting and administrative services including hosting/management of VPS, VPN, BTC nodes, Lightning Network nodes, mail servers, web servers, Gitlab installations, IRC servers, Matrix servers, XMPP servers, DNS servers (bind, Unbound), TOR/I2P/Freenet nodes and many more. Please contact us if you want to become our client.

We accept payment in Bitcoin symbol.

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